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Giving Back

Safari Specialists is based in Botswana, so we hire and train staff locally. Just by booking through us, you'll be supporting local jobs and helping Botswana grow.

Travel for Impact

  • In addition to supporting our home-grown team, we make sure your travel gives back to the wider community of people living locally.
  • We've aligned ourselves with Travel for Impact (TFI), a Botswana-based social responsibility initiative, receiving USD$2 for every night you're on safari.
  • We encourage travellers to make their own one-off donation (we can work it into your booking) or for those feeling particularly inspired, we can help you set up regular support.

Here's our list of what makes Travel for Impact worth supporting.

Non-traditional: Travel for Impact supports people, not things.

TFI makes sure classrooms have teachers, as well as books. When it comes to giving, people often donate things and support is often lacking for the people who change lives. Donations pay the salaries of the woman teaching orphaned kids and the counsellor who helps a battered woman get back on her feet.

Independent: The fund is managed by people with different strengths in the community and a common aim of building a better Botswana.

From business community members who use their entrepreneurial strength to help TFI to achieve its goals, to people with backgrounds in the NGO sector who can advise what needs to be in place for donations to have a real impact.

Thinking outside one box: Funds are given to a range of projects and organisations, not just one cause.

TFI's advisory board identifies projects and organisations most in need of funding and provides support accordingly. The key partners earmarked for support echo the projects we already hold close to our hearts, including Bana Ba Letsatsi (Care Centre for Vulnerable Children), Women Against Rape and AGLOW (Care of the Elderly & Destitute)

Teach a man to fish: Travel for Impact assists NGOs in becoming self-sufficient.

TFI mentors NGOs in accessing funding through avenues other than donations. The aim is to ensure that organisations have the cash flow needed to keep them running long term.

To find out more about Travel for Impact visit or contact us.

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