Beyond Botswana

From the balancing rocks of Zimbabwe's Matopos to the sand dunes of Sossusvlei in Namibia, we can help you find some truly extraordinary places outside of Botswana (see, we aren't entirely biased!)

We'll send you off to explore Cape Town under the shadow of Table Mountain with a long list of our favourite vineyards in hand. We'll mark Mozambique's isolated beaches on the map (great for a quiet snorkel) and where to find the most elaborate doorways in Zanzibar (after a morning of diving of course). We'll tell you where the un-beaten tracks are for exploring Zambia's South Luangwa on foot and where to launch your canoe for a paddle on the Zambezi River.

Chat to us and we'll tell you what fits best as an extension to Botswana, or where you might want to explore as a destination in its own right.

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