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This year we are celebrating Botswana’s 50th year of Independence.

Safari Specialists want to celebrate being UNITED AND PROUD with you.

Safari Specialists are running a photo competition for Botswana’s 50th anniversary. There are great prizes to be won, including an incredible safari in Botswana.

Through this photo competition we would like to celebrate Botswana in its entirety – wildlife, local industry and the people. Safari Specialists invite you to enter photographs that epitomize what Botswana means to you.

Entries are accepted from 20 June – 10 December 2016 and winners will be announced 15 December 2016.

Images for Safari Specialist’s Botswana 50th photo competition (categories 1-4) can be submitted by email, uploaded to our Safari Specialists Facebook page or dropped off at our office here in Maun along with a completed Photo Comp application form.

For a bit of fun we also have the Safari Specialists Instagram ‘Bots Flag with Pride’ (category 5) invites you to post your entry via Instagram – all entries must use the hashtag #Bots50photo and copy in our Instagram handle @safarispecialists to be validated.

Selected photos will be posted on our Facebook page throughout the Botswana 50th photo competition. Any images we post will tag you so that you can share your exciting entries. To help spread the word, please ‘like’ our page and share your images with your friends. In addition everyone can follow the monthly highlights on our website.

Please read the Photo Comp Rules (click to open) to be sure your entry is eligible, that you submit in the correct format and to understand the prizes.  You can also contact us by email for an application form and full set of the rules.

Email: Bots50photo@safarispecialists.net

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SafariSpecialistsBotswana

Website: www.safarispecialists.net/news/


There are great prizes to be won by sending in your images for the following categories:

Boipuso – Born in ‘66

If you were born in Botswana in 1966, the same year as Botswana gained independence, this category is for you!  We want images of your friends, family members or a great ‘selfie’ from these unique individuals.


The Wildside

Botswana offers one of the most unique and unspoilt safari experiences in the world. Share your most special moments of wildlife and scenery from your time on safari in Botswana.

“Natures is not only all that is visible to the eye, it also includes the inner picture of the soul” – Edward Munch


Home is where you hang your ‘bush’ hat

Share pictures of your ‘bush home’ while on safari in Botswana. We are looking for images of your favourite lodges or camping experiences – whether it be sipping a G&T around the campfire or lounging in luxury in your private sala.

“Nature is not a place to visit, it is a home” Gary Snyder


Shining Stars of Botswana

Two key industries in Botswana are Mining and Agriculture, both of which have played a vital role in establishing Botswana’s thriving economy. We are looking for images that send a positive message about mining or that reflect the importance of cattle farming within the community.

“ka e tlhoka ka tlhoka boroko, ka nna nayo le gone kabo tlhoka”


Bots Flag with Pride ** INSTAGRAM ENTRIES ONLY**

The colours of the Botswana flag represents: the rain that revives a parched desert in the blue, and the harmony between different cultures and races in the black and white stripes. The stripes also have a connection to our National animal the Zebra. Get creative and include the flag in your snap shots.

 “United and Proud” Botswana Government

Bots 50th hand logo (4)