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Off the Beaten Track – all you need to know about Mobile Safaris in Botswana

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Have you ever dreamt of going on a Mobile Camping Safari in Botswana, an intense bush experience, the purest way to explore Botswana’s fauna and flora. Are you imagining to being surrounded by the African bush and her wildlife, but you are not quite sure if you are ready to “brave it”?

Here is all you need to know about mobile safaris in Botswana

Just like there is a “lid” for every “pot” there is also a camping safari for each guest.

Heading out on a mobile camping safari in Botswana is one of the most exhilarating adventures on the African continent.

Imagine waking up before sunrise, opening the zip of your tent, stepping out of your tent to smell the awakening nature and wildlife around you. Ask your guide about the tracks that crossed right past your tent, freshen up and perhaps have a quick coffee before it is time to head out with your guide in the open safari vehicle, ready to see what Mother Nature has in store for you.

Most of our campsites in Botswana don’t have any facilities so everything and anything that is needed for your precious time in the bush will travel with you in a trailer – you arrive at a pure wilderness campsite and when you head off to your next area you are just leaving your footprints behind. You travel in one unit along with your professional guide and camp staff.

When planning your trip one of the first considerations would be whether you enjoy the company of like-minded travellers to share your experiences with? If the answer is yes then our “first” category – group mobile camping safaris – offers the perfect experience for you.

One of the most affordable ways to experience Botswana in all her natural and wild beauty is to join a scheduled mobile camping safari.

There are different comfort levels to look into from standard dome tents with shared bathroom (toilets and showers) facilities to having more comfort by staying in en-suite meru tents where the bush bathroom is an extension to your tent so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your tent should you need to visit “the loo” at night.

Scheduled mobile camping safaris have set routings with set departure dates throughout the year. The safaris have been created by the operator to make the most of your time in the wildlife areas – however, you can always add a couple of nights pre or post safari if you are amongst the lucky ones to have an extended time frame for your visit.

Group sizes varies but generally with maximum 12 guests on the standard camping level to 7-9 guest on the higher comfort level.

If you prefer to have the amazing and vast knowledge of your guide all to yourself – a private mobile camping safari will be right up your alley!

Similar to group camping safaris there are also different comfort levels for private mobile camping safaris: These can be booked as adventurous as the above mentioned scheduled mobile safaris in dome tents with shared facilities all the way to the super luxurious private camp that offers all that a permanent camp would offer (except the swimming pool).

Private and tailormade trips also have the advantage of coming in all lengths, you can choose how long you wish to stay in one site, if you prefer combining a few nights camping with a few nights in a lodge in the Okavango Delta. Anything and everything is possible. We will tailor your safari to your preferences and wishes.

Would you like to hear more about camping in Botswana? Contact us and share your ideas and let us guide you through the various and different mobile camping options:

info@safarispecialists.net or chat to us on our live chat https://direct.lc.chat/5526161/