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Luxury Safari – what does this mean to you?

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Let us know what a ‘luxury safari’ means to you. You may be surprised to hear that what is luxury to you means something completely different to another.

Words are such a powerful tool for us to use and it is on each and every one of us to use words wisely and communicate our thoughts and feelings to have a mutual understanding. This is as important in the planning stage of your safari as it is when you are actually on the safari with your guide.
Creating a safari is team work – the better you are in communicating your desires the better your consultant will be in putting all building blocks together and creating YOUR itinerary. Going on safari can be a life changing experience –  it may be the start of a newly discovered passion for life and nature, or perhaps the fulfillment of a life long dream. We know personally how special it is as it means as much to us.

I remember my very first safari in Botswana, many moons ago – I was on a vehicle with avid birders, oh how they loved their birds … and to begin with, I just didn’t get it!!  Our guide certainly didn’t have it easy trying to balance our wishes but he was talented, with the right balance of people skills and wildlife knowledge.  After a couple outings the passion and enthusiasm of my fellow travellers, combined with the instinctive knowledge and engaging manner of our guide, changed my outlook and I am now a very happy birder myself (still learning the ropes though).

Similar to many other things in life it is about communication and communicating “right”. Often enough we hear the word “luxury safari” and may automatically think of glamorous, high end, butler serviced, private plunge pool, high thread count linen, expensive cosmetics and toiletries, wine cellar in the middle of the bush and gourmet dining  – many Botswana luxury lodges provide all the whistles and bells that one can imagine!
We need to be able to read between the lines and find out if this is in fact the luxury for you, or is it perhaps the “other luxury”?

  • The luxury of being out in the bush, in the wilderness areas, surrounded by free roaming wildlife, away from all the modern world conveniences (or inconveniences….)
  • The luxury of having the most amazing TV program ever “Camp fire”
  • The honour of looking high above you and see gazillions of stars, even shooting stars
    The luxury of having your own private guide that you don’t need to share with other guests on the vehicle
  • The luxury of learning the wisdom from old ancient cultures

So – tell us what does luxury mean for you? Head onto our Facebook page @SafariSpecialistsBotswana or Instagram @safari.specialists to share your thoughts and images.

Written by our Bush Baby Nadine, no prizes for guessing her type of luxury! You can talk to Nadine directly on nadine@safarispecialists.net