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A True Bush Love Story

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On my recent visit to the stunning Duma Tau Camp in the Linyanti, I had the privilege of meeting a very unusual couple.  The pair have a special love story, but as we don’t share a common-language, I had to rely on the managers at Duma Tau to tell their tale for them.

Theirs was a romance that blossomed over a series of months, with the pair deciding to take up residence in camp (who wouldn’t, have you seen Duma Tau?)  It might seem unusual when you learn that they’ve been living under the main deck at Duma Tau and sleeping most of the day (making it hard to meet them) until I tell you that they are two very strange but sweet-looking bush pigs.


At first, it was just Mr Bush Pig living in camp and wandering around on his own for a few months.  Camp management knew how rare the shy bush pig can be and wondered how this lone male was ever going to find himself a mate.

It seems they underestimated this gregarious yet secretive little creature, for it wasn’t too long before he appeared one morning proudly showing off his new girlfriend. The small, timid female quickly decided this guy was worth sticking around for and soon became accustomed to people coming and going around the camp.

The happy couple both now roam around camp contentedly and, although still a little shy, will allow you to watch them from the camp deck as they go about their lives. If you keep a watchful eye out after dusk and in the early morning hours you may just see them foraging at the water’s edge from camp.


We are now just crossing our fingers that camp management will send news of little piglets making an appearance to complete their happy little family.

Lisa Hartley